As Winter Approaches

B0001031 While life is much more tame than the adventures of this past summer. I am enjoying ‘hunkering-down’ and settling in for the fall and winter months. Lots of choices on how to spend my time with and for myself and be available for good deeds and others. Aside from knitting, sewing and community efforts, I love to read or be read to! So while I do other things I listen to audio tapes of favorite and new books. It’s a great way to fill in the gaps of time during the day. I especially listen while doing dishes or laundry and such. I also make sure I spend some time either early in the morning or just before bed actually reading a good book, novels mostly, although I love a good biography too.

Realizing tastes in books is very subjective and personal, I am going to risk sharing some of my favorite novels here with you. Just so you know I don’t go in for fantasy or mysteries too much although I do have a few favorites in those categories. And I also occasionally love a good thriller. But mostly I love books that explore the human condition and touch something in me that I can identify with whether past or present. I also love to experience a place or time and get lost in it.

If you like my suggestions I am so happy and if not feel free to put them down and move on (do not be like me and feel you have to finish a book just because you have already invested “X amount” of hours.) I am learning it is not work the time. But I do hope you like some of these and they bring you pleasure! What I really hope for is that we all continue to read BOOKS! It is almost a free activity (don’t forget about the local library), and just 10 or 15 minutes a day will keep you in the habit! ENJOY!


  • The House of Sand and Fog-Andre Dubus III
  • The Ginger Tree-Oswald Wynd
  • My Life in France-Julia Child
  • Memoires of A Geisha-Arthur Golden
  • In Cold Blood- Truman Capote
  • Portofino- Frank Schaeffer
  • The Namesake-Jhumpa Lahiri
  • The Known World- Edward P. Jones
  • The Poisionwood Bible- Barbara Kingsolver
  • Traving Mercies- Anne Lamott
  • Snow Falling on Cedars- Daviv Guterson
  • The Power of One- Bryce Courtenay
  • A Tree Grows in Brooklyn- Betty Smith
  • The Pillars of the Earth- Ken Follett
  • A Million Little Pieces- James Frey
  • The Joy Luck Club- Amy Tan
  • Endurance- Alfred Lansing
  • Unbroken- Laura Hillenbrand
  • The Kite Runner-Khaled Hosseini
  • The Bridges of Madison County- Robt James Waller
  • Wild- Cheryl Strayed

These are diverse in style and theme but had some impact on me over the years. I have lots more but just leave you with these few for now. So cozy up to a fire, with a cup of tea, wrap a quilt around you and enjoy a good book, that’s what I’m doing today!!

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3 Responses to As Winter Approaches

  1. Bobbie Surber - My Camino de Santiago says:

    Oh Nilda you listed so many of my all time favorites!

  2. Rose says:

    Have read three of those: My Life in France, Wild, and The Bridges of Madison County.
    Loved all three of them!

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