Trick or Treat!

IMG_2582It was definitely a treat to have a visit from my pal Charlie and her ‘parents’ this weekend. I am so happy to see her and she is every bit the lady I remember her to be! Jim and Tove came from California for a much-anticipated visit, they know how much I have missed her! She immediately took to the yard, running and rolling around in the grass. She came in and inspected the house, the studio and the guest room and proceeded to take a nap near my son Michael while we went out to dinner. She was right at home in her new surroundings.20131101-202654.jpg

Today we took a walk near Oak Creek Canyon and my friend’s Robin’s home. I was a beautiful, sunny day and we took lots of pictures of Charlie and the autumn leaves. We then had lunch in the patio of one of my favorite places Indian Garden’s Cafe. Tomorrow we have plans to set off for a hike and perhaps a bike ride. For now enjoy the photos:IMG_2597 IMG_2600

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1 Response to Trick or Treat!

  1. susieant says:

    What a nice treat and a great dog. The pictures are beautiful.

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