Autumn in Sedona

The cold weather seems to be upon us even though the forecast is for a warmer weekend people are now beginning to dress with layers and turning on the heat in the evenings. I am not so sure I am ready for the cold just yet but there are elements of this season that I really love. It’s a great time to get out several quilts and snuggle under them at night, I love soups and this weather is a perfect excuse to make them, I love sitting in front of my fireplace with handwork or a good book and I especially look forward to the Thanksgiving holiday and getting together with family for the big feast!


Also as you can see from the picture above I have been taking some walks so as not to miss the leaves changing and the nice crisp mornings. Nothing strenuous but a great time to be with friends and enjoy Autumn.

This cooler weather is so perfect for staying indoors and doing some crafting. No knitting for me just yet, although my projects are lined up and waiting for me, but I have been busy sewing and have three quilts in various stages of completion. I am feeling very productive and am so glad to be in my studio for a little while each day. Here is a Christmas quilt I just finished binding and it is now ready to keep me warm through the holidays!!


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