Life since the Camino

Since I have been home from my travels settling back into life in Sedona has been a mixed bag of choices new and old. Some things have not changed and others I am experiencing with new eyes and a new heart. The main focus has been on recovering from the stress to my right leg and so my activity has been limited and restricted to non-stressful choices. I can do some weight training to upper body, I can walk on the elliptical machine at the gym, I can catch up with my neglected household chores. All of these are helping me heal physically.

Another thing I have returned to is my craft and sewing hobbies. I love to knit and returned full force to it upon having freed up time from being on the hiking trails. One problem is as always a matter of ‘pacing’! These days and as I continue to get older “too much” of anything is too much! So having discovered that I was behind on my intention to knit socks for all of my girlfriends for Christmas I set about on a knitting marathon! My body responded with a resounding “NO”! My bad shoulder (from biking accident years ago) froze up and was having none of it. I was in serious pain this week and had to give up the knitting needles for the time being. I will revisit the socks some time in the near future. ( you would think the leg situation on the Camino would have taught me something ­čÖé

In the meantime my son David challenged me to get creative and get back into my quilting studio and make stuff! I have a lovely space for sewing which has been gathering dust for several years now and he was right it was time to dust things off! I am returning to my love of quilting and will occasionally share projects with you. I hope you will indulge me in this. I promise to continue the blog with beautiful pictures of the trails in Arizona and my travels, not to worry. But after all, this blog is about how to spend your days after a working life…So here are some shots of my studio and soon I’ll have some quilts to share.


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2 Responses to Life since the Camino

  1. nildarcook says:

    The mind is always willing but that is not proving to be a good thing for me these days…I’m like the little engine that could but then can’t…:)

  2. wararchive says:

    Loki g forward to being one of your new quilting projects! Sorry to hear about your shoulder! This physical aging sucks!

    Love You!

    Jo and Ed Berger


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