Happy Birthday Linda!

This weekend was a big 60th. Birthday Bash given my Linda and Ron to celebrate her special day with friends and family! We were honored to be presented a beautiful and delicious catered dinner where the food kept coming and the wine kept flowing. Twenty-seven of us joined together to tell funny stories and share precious moments of Linda as mother, wife and friend. Ron gave a heart-felt tribute to Linda and there was not a dry eye in the place. My husband Mike shared a poem he wrote and which was hysterical and entertaining. We all laughed and shared our love of this special friend!

I have known Linda since she was a young girl of 18, in a cheerleader’s outfit with hair down to her waist and a sparkle in her eyes! She still has that sparkle and inspite of the years passing by she makes the most of every day given to her. It would take a long time to share all of her attibutes! More that valuing her as a good friend, I call her my sister and am grateful everyday for our bond as sisters and friends. I pray for many more years of shared life experiences, joys and sorrows alike. May we inspire each other and continue to share our journey together!



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