Day Seven and Traveling

We spend another day traveling by local bus to Tangier, another 4 hour ride and I have to say this is my least favorite day of the trip. The ride is long and the countryside is interesting but Tangier is not my favorite. We have lunch at Ali Baba Restaurant and then have free time to wander the city and see some sights. We visit the American Legation Museum which is quite small but a very interesting piece of history in American Foreign relations. We are not going to visit the local medina as this one is loaded with tourist that come over from Spain by ferry to get goods and a quick look at anything Moroccan. So, we spend our time walking down the beach and then sitting at a cafe and people watching. Tonight we travel overnight by train on the Marrakech Express to Marrakech!

The train is a fun experience and the guys all share a room with the gals filling up two others. Another opportunity to get to know each other better. We have a great time!

Lovely Allison from New Zealand

Lovely Allison from New Zealand

Traveling the Marrakesh Express

Traveling the Marrakesh Express

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