So Many Pictures and So Little Time

The days are flying by and so filled with the unexpected that it is difficult to know what to share with everyone. When I return home I will attempt to add more pictures to the blog and fill in the gaps of time but in the middle of it all it is somewhat overwhelming to try to share it all.

We had an afternoon of seeing Roman ruins in Volubilis and then the other half of the day sightseeing in Meknes. We went out for camel burger (which I passed up and did not have) and everyone loved them!IMG_0991 IMG_1937 IMG_1934 IMG_1923

The following day we were in Fes for two days which is considered the spiritual capital of Morocco. We visited another local home that runs a restaurant on their lower level and then we were given a tour of the home which had unbelievable carpentry craftsmanship.We also visited a pottery and tile factory, a weavers cooperative, and the world famous Tannery where they have dye pots for leather of all kinds.IMG_1103 IMG_1155 IMG_1986

IMG_1959 IMG_1220 IMG_1237

We also had another wonderful meal as a late lunch. I am now convinced I have gained all my pre-camino weight back!!

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3 Responses to So Many Pictures and So Little Time

  1. Linda says:

    Hi Nilda, I feel like I’m on that trip with you – great photos! Glad you are having a good time.

  2. Carmen says:

    Very happy you are having a great time, all pictures loo great

  3. Bobbie Surber - My Camino de Santiago says:

    Hi Nilda, the photos are magnificent! Looking forward to hearing all of the in-between stories of your adventure.

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