Arrived in Casablanca


IMG_1852After leaving a rainy Portugal we flew this morning to Madrid and then on to Morocco. We felt a real sense of being in a new unfamiliar world upon arriving at the airport there. We went directly to the train station and bought tickets to Casablanca. A short twenty minutes later we get off the train and are face with even more sights and sounds new to our senses! As we leave the station a young man comes up asking if we need a taxi. After a little negotiating we agree to a short tour of the city before he drops us off at our hotel. Mike is very pleased with himself, I am not so sure I want to be in the hands of this stranger. But all is well as he shares the city of his birth with us. We see the famous mosque by King Hassan II, built in 1993 which houses 20 thousand worshipers indoors and 80 thousand outside! We do not see the inside as Friday is a holy day for them and it had limited hours for viewing. Our driver also takes us through the business districts, the wealthiest neighborhoods and the medina which is the old town. We stop for some figs from a street vendor and are taken to a local rug merchant who tries his best to sell us an expensive hand-woven rug. We pass on the purchase but the experience is priceless!

Sorry, pictures are not downloading at the moment 😦

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1 Response to Arrived in Casablanca

  1. Bobbie Surber - My Camino de Santiago says:

    Wow! You are living an adventure of a lifetime! Can’t wait for photos.

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