Lazy Day

Weather is cloudy and gray again, so much so that we stay indoors most of the day. We read, go out to lunch instead of dinner, do laundry and prepare for our departure tomorrow and mainly just lay low. Here are a few more pictures of Barcelona from Mike’s camera, Enjoy!IMG_1716 IMG_1706 IMG_1703

And this gray but still beautiful morning. We will always cherish our time in Salema!IMG_1827 IMG_1833

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7 Responses to Lazy Day

  1. Susie Flores says:

    You look so relaxed. Hope your leg is healing. Can’t wait for pics of Morocco. It looks beautiful there.

  2. Bobbie Surber - My Camino de Santiago says:

    What’s next? Missing U and love the photos!

    • nildarcook says:

      I hope someone is held accountable for the loss of those pilgrims lives, sounds like they were in the right. We have a long travel day on Friday, from Lisbon to Madrid and then to Casablanca. Very excited about Morocco! Are you keeping up the hikes? Is it still raining there?

      • Bobbie Surber - My Camino de Santiago says:

        Weather is great in both Phx ad Sedona. Training for a 17 miles hike at South Mountain Park. I will walk this in November so if you want…
        Looking forward to photos of Casablanca, how exciting!

        Agree about the two pilgrims.

      • nildarcook says:

        Oh so tempting! I will have my leg checked out as soon as I get home and will let you know. Hoping all it needs is a little TLC. Looking forward to some hikes!

      • Bobbie Surber - My Camino de Santiago says:

        I think and hope you just need rest and time to heal all the way. Give a hug to Mike and continue to have a great time!

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