Leaving Spain for the moment…

We must say that on our return to Valencia we found we really were beginning to warm up to it. It is not as clean and polished as Madrid or Barcelona but it began to work a small city   charm on us that was unexpected. We walked the neighborhoods and we went to the Mercado that was every bit as nice as Barcelona’s with a lot less crowds and much larger space to enjoy and wander. We both agreed we were liking Valencia.

Our time in Sevilla was magical as before! Something about this city is the epic Spanish town for me! I love the old world feel it has even if there are a million or so tourists to contend with. I went to my favorite little shop, La Ceramica de Sevilla, on a side street I discovered last year when I was here. Luis is the owner and even though I only purchased a scarf as before, he was so gracious and informative about the culture and the city!

My Favorite Shop in Sevilla

My Favorite Shop in Sevilla

He directed us to a favorite restaurant, La Isla, Oh my goodness!!! Mike and I only had tapas there but swore it was all the best we ever had and regretted we were not staying another night so we could have a full course dinner! Maybe next time 🙂 After dinner our favorite flamenco performance near the hotel and then early to bed as we had to catch an early bus to Portugal this morning.IMG_0843 IMG_0856

This was a travel day and after 5 hours on bus, 2 hours waiting for another bus to take us to Salema, we finally arrived for a week at this lovely fishing village that Mike fell in love with last year. It is much more crowded this year but still very much what we remembered. Mike is in paradise!?!

Does he look content?

Does he look content?

As soon as we stepped out of the bus an older, sun-withered man stopped us to ask if we would like to see his home for a week’s rental, “Just Looky” he says. We follow him to a lovely little space smack-dab in the center of town. We take his tour of VERY little English but are satisfied it is a great deal for us and for him! We settle in:

Sweet Salema!

Sweet Salema!

IMG_0869 IMG_0870

P.S. While sharing all of this good fortune I am saddened to say I have lost another beloved aunt. My father’s sister Sara whom I adored and have the fondest, happy memories of from my childhood, I will miss her so. My thoughts and prayers are with my cousins at this time even though I am thousands of miles away. May we cherish her memory until we are with her again. She is forever in our hearts! God Bless you all!

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One Response to Leaving Spain for the moment…

  1. b says:

    So sorry to hear about your aunt. My prayers are with all your family.
    Looks and sounds like you’re having a great relaxing time. Keep up the good work!
    Where is your hat, you look like you are getting too much sun on your face, I love you, have fun.
    love ya,

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