Beach Days

Our first full day in Salema is just a day on the beach taking in the sun, the people and the breezes. We start the morning off with breakfast on the rooftop of our place. I walk the beach for some pictures. Such a beautiful, peaceful place to be. I will not bore you with the same old pictures but I do have a couple to share with you.

First is one of our host J’sus. He was the fellow I mentioned who brought us to his house:



Then, when we were here last year we met a really nice man from Germany, his name was Detter and he told us he had been coming to Salema for years and it was always a peaceful retreat for him from a very stressful life. I was hoping we would see him again this year and in fact we did! What a super surprise, as we walked down the boardwalk there he was! We talked a while and will have dinner with him and a friend some time before the week is over.





With Detter from Germany


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1 Response to Beach Days

  1. Bobbie Surber - My Camino de Santiago says:

    You guys look fantastic! Stay on vacation it agrees with you! 🙂

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