Moving On…

Today Mike has decided he is not thrilled with Valencia. Even though there is plenty to see and do we are moving on to Barcelona (which I hoped to do anyway) and coming back the day before we leave for Sevilla. We will use the apartment as a stop-over since it was so inexpensive to begin with. This morning we purchased our train tickets. We will probably stay for 2 days. Hoping Susie is available to meet for dinner!
This afternoon we took a bus to the beach and are relaxing at Playa Malvarrosa. After a snack we are lounging under an umbrella. The water is warm and there are very few people here, the beach is huge. A girl came along offering massages and I bought Mike one for half an hour. It was really a fun day we would have repeated but now it’s on to Barcelona! We were a little camera shy today!


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1 Response to Moving On…

  1. wararchive says:

    In Sevilla, be sure to go see the park and buildings from the early twentieth century international exhibition. Beautiful tile work and place to roam. I believe the japanese gardens are there. Have enjoyed following your journey!

    Giant hugs!

    Jo and Ed Berger

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