photo copyAfter a 4 hour bus trip to Valencia from Madrid we settle in at our apartment for the week. Not nearly as nice as the pictures on the internet site but still in a really nice location for walking the city. We head out to check out the lay of the land and are somewhat disappointed in the area the property owner suggested. Later we discover a nicer area not far from where we are staying. We pick a restaurant to return to later in the evening. It turns out to be an excellent choice and we have a fabulous dinner of cheeses with vine, paella, and a remarkable dessert. We discover that Valencian Paella is made with chicken and rabbit and not seafood but love the flavors just the same. It was a nice surprise! We also visited the cathedral Santa Maria in the heart of town, it is very impressive and beautiful. And they claim the Holy Grail resides there!photo

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5 Responses to Valencia

  1. Bobbie Surber - My Camino de Santiago says:

    Nilda, you are glowing! Have a wonderful vacation with Mike and continue to blog! Love, love reading of your adventures and wise insights…

    Buen Camino, 🙂

  2. b says:

    Love that you have a change of clothes! Have a good time

  3. Rose says:

    You two are ‘livin the life’. You both look great, have fun!

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