Vacation time!

I am intending to continue with the blog for the next four weeks even if not as consistently as before. I think you will enjoy the places we’ll see and I hope to keep in touch this way with friends and family. Please do leave comments. It’s simple and I love hearing from you all!

Mike and I met up easily at the Madrid Airport and were off and running. Arrived in center of Spain and stayed at the same hotel that I was at before with the girls.Very crowded, noisy centre plaza but walking distance to where we wanted to be.
We immediately went out for tapas and vino and picked up some cheese and more vino for our bus ride to Valencia tomorrow. Going out to celebrate Camino at a nice restaurant. Here at fountain near Plaza del Sol:


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3 Responses to Vacation time!

  1. Rose says:

    I swear you are getting younger!

  2. You look happy and content. What a blessing – the walk and now the time with Mike. Enjoy every moment. I look forward to the pictures and places. xoxo

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