Madrid and Beyond!

As I shared yesterday the last of the Camino is bittersweet. I am so looking forward to the next four weeks of a long anticipated trip with my husband but the dust of the trail and the sounds of the pebbles crunching beneath my feet haunts me. I sense the cool morning air and it calls me to get out into the daylight and see what is around the next corner! So it will be with my life from now on as so many other have shared you just want to hold on to the lessons. Accept what presents itself and seize the day!

My dearest Susie! If I had a sister I would want her to be just like you! Words cannot express my love and appreciation of you! God bless you on the rest of your journey!! It could not have been better ( well maybe just if you liked that Spanish wine like I did, we could have gotten tipsy together) you were an angel! BESOS!


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4 Responses to Madrid and Beyond!

  1. Anthony says:

    So glad you got to enjoy my mom as I have been able to for my whole life.

  2. susieant says:

    It was a blessing to spend all that time with you too. In the end you were the Angel. Enjoy your long awaited trip and we shall hike again my sweet cousin.

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