Buen Camino!!

Susie traveled the Camino early this morning to meet me at my hotel for coffee and croissants then we walked our final miles into Santiago together. Angelica and Mark stay further behind as they were not interested in making it for the pilgrim mass. We arrived in time but were a little taken aback at the overwhelming number of tour groups walking through the church during the service. So much so, that we did not participate in communion but left early. It was kind of a let down to not be able to conclude the journey with a sacred moment but the message was beautiful inspite of the disruptive crowds. And we agreed we would have to create that moment for ourselves.

We headed for the Pilgrims Office and obtained our certificates! After a long wait but few questions asked.

We happily ran into some of our fellow pilgrims in town and we found the Deaners after mass. We took pictures and had lunch and walked around Santiago. It was much larger and most of it more modern than I expected. Susie, Angelica and Mark will spend another day there. But after my final trek this morning I ran out of energy and returned to my hotel. I look forward to a good night’s sleep and meeting Mike tomorrow! It was a bittersweet day!



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