El Camino Completo?

Inspite of 5 days of not walking on the Camino I count it a success! My companions pointed out that I traveled the hardest days and experienced the hot, dry meseta and the cool, wet of Galacia. Then Susie suggested that I have had two Caminos and actually I think she is correct in that I have fulfilled my original intentions.

I have traveled the journey on foot but I have also had the time I wanted to experience the local culture and people. There was the sweet little woman who,with her umbrella, sat out in the rain with me and we shared about our family’s while I took a rest break in front of her house. There was the taxi driver who told me stories about how many love matches he was aware of since driving along the Camino route (15)! There was the pension owner who keep giving me bags of ice for my leg and advice on how to care for it. Even a Spaniard who wanted to share the sins he had been forgiven of at the Villafranca cathedral! 😉So many local people I would not have taken the time to talk with had I not slowed down. Had I not had my foot problems I know I had the stamina and spirit to finish the trek and I would have been so happy to do so! But I like the journey I’ve taken just as well! Buen Camino!


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5 Responses to El Camino Completo?

  1. Rose says:

    You look beautiful, rested and at peace. 120 miles is a great accomplishment!
    Take care and enjoy Spain!

  2. Ah dear friend – We call that “Loving What Is!” All the other lessons of the Camino are variations on this theme. Success indeed. You look radiant and rightfully proud! xoxox

  3. kathy levin says:

    Attitude and perspective surely has shaped your gracefulness in accepting “what is”. I hope that ankle calms down enough for you and Mike to enjoy your time together. Looking forward to the photo of you and your companions in front of the cathedral in Santiago! Lots of love to you!

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