Palas de Rei

Arrived here early on my third day of rest. I had Mike call my doctor and he suggested a compression sleeve on my leg and REST! So looks like my walking days are foiled! The day is long as I wait for my fellow pilgrims to arrive. I figured I walked about 120 miles of the Camino, nothing to sneeze at! I have had the most remarkable adventure! So I am seeing the sights a little and visiting with local people. They treat me like one of them, how great is that! How can I be blue with such blessings all around.


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2 Responses to Palas de Rei

  1. 120 miles indeed is no small thing! Glad you had Mike check in with your doctor. May you continue to be blessed as the adventure unfolds.

  2. susieant says:

    I might add Nilda gets two Caminos for the price of one. How lucky is she. She has been a trooper.

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