More Lessons

After reading Susie’s post on her blog last night I got to thinking about more lessons learn on this journey. We both feel a profound sense of spiritual peace, the sense that Jesus walks with us. We feel it in the strangers walking along side us, we feel it in the bond formed between us, we feel it in the pain we carry and the joys of personal enlightenment. The surprise sometimes is that the lessons are not always new, we may have learned them dozens of times before in our lives. We did not have to come to the Camino to learn them but we did need a place where we could be open to listening again. I so related to this as Susie shared her moments of forgiveness yesterday. The walk is the walk of life. We may think we walk it alone but not really…I continue to live and learn with gratitude! May the peace of Christ Jesus be with you wherever you walk!!


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