2nd Day of Rest

Up at 7 am and off to Portomarin. Susie will meet up with the Deaners and walk, and I will get a taxi there. We returned to the city center in Sarria and I attempted to get a bus at first but they were all going in the opposite direction. So I opted for a leisurely breakfast and the taxi.
Portomarin looks very pretty. I will find a nice pension and take some pictures while I wait for my companions.

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2 Responses to 2nd Day of Rest

  1. Linda says:

    Hola, Buddy, you have an beautiful spirit and it is serving you well. So glad you are a wise woman and doing all you can for balance. I agree with the anti-inflammatory and vino tinto – cures almost anything. I though of you as I had Spanish wine on our flight to Japan. Waiting for our flight to Bangkok for day, then Bhutan. Ron’s leg is getting shooting pains, so you have a brother in more ways than one. Love you dearly.

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