Day of Rest

Last night we shared a nice dinner and I went to bed early! The mist was rolling in, it looked like rain, and I was really cold. I looked around town a little but mostly kept my foot up to try to let the inflammation down. I have decided to take a taxi for the second time to the next town where we have agreed to stay overnight. Hopefully I will give my leg enough rest to make the trek. This may be my new pattern for the second week of the journey. My leg is not liking all the miles day in and day out so maybe every other day will have to do. I am not so disappointed as it is more important to me to take care of myself than to get an official certificate for the Camino. I feel I have accomplished so much of what I had hoped to that everything else is a bonus. I will make the needed concessions to stay healthy and enjoy the following weeks with my husband. I would not cheat us of a happy, healthy time together. When I return home I will have to have my leg looked at to see what the problem is. Right now I hear bagpipes outside my window!!


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1 Response to Day of Rest

  1. susieant says:

    Great decision Nilda. I am so proud of you. We did some pretty tough hikes.

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