Halfway Mark! Day 7/100 miles

Up with the sun, having our cafe con leche. Nursing blisters on just my big toes, not too bad. The leg is still inflamed but I can carry on…

All is well…I am strong…I am cared for…all is well…I am strong…I am cared for… This is my prayer/mantra as I walked today. We do another 9 mile day into Galicia. The last half being up to the mountain top village of O’Cebreiro which is very charming amid the mist. My chant reminds me to again be grateful for all the love, support and prayers of friends and family. You help me to carry on! Thank you all! It was a tough climb.
On the path today we encounter lots of animals. Lush pastures and gardens are everywhere. It’s like another world and time.



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1 Response to Halfway Mark! Day 7/100 miles

  1. Emma Flores says:

    Well a hundred to go sure you’ll make it .Love all the pictures Galicia looks beautiful. Lots of love Tia Emma

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