Days 5 and 6

I must say yesterday and today have been my favorites so far on the Camino for totally different reasons. Yesterday afternoon I took a taxi for the first time and got myself a really nice hostel room with A.C. and a great restaurant ! Pure luxury! While Susie, Angelica and Mark maneuver the trail, get lost, find there way and eventually end up in Villafranca , I had a wonderful fish soup, 2 glasses of wine and dessert for lunch! Resting my leg was the best thing I could do. Having an afternoon to just recover and refresh was priceless.

Today we take a steep trail out of town and walk through green, rolling hills, and wooded glens in Galicia. We walk into the rain and enjoy a cool down!! It is a perfect day even if we get soaking wet. Along the way a couple of bikers make a tent with their bikes. We end up in La Portela de Valcarce walking 9 miles in four hours. After yesterday my companions decide to slow down the pace a little so we all do a shorter day. Time for a card game!


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2 Responses to Days 5 and 6

  1. Emma Flores says:

    Looks like you guys are doing real well. love seen all the pictures.Looks like you also are eating all the time way to tia Emma

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