Trek to the Pilgrims Cross

After a nice quiet stay we awoke early to hit the trail knowing that we are headed uphill all morning to the cross where every pilgrim leaves a stone with an intention or prayer for themselves or someone else. My companions walked ahead as I am still nursing my right leg. The climb did not bother me too much but the downhill rocky,uneven trail really slowed me down, still I was just about a half hour behind Suzie. Not bad! I stopped for lunch at Aceno but still have 3 more hour to Molinaseca. Susie @ the Deaners move on I will keep my slower pace at meet them later. Having a beer with lunch seems to energize me. How about that Bobbie!!
The was the toughest day so far i was so determined to carry on that I must have had my head down and completely missed the cross!! amazingly I made it for a total of 16 miles and am nursing my blisters and I am soaking my feet in the most beautiful creek !
I also met a lovely British girl who lives in Madrid and we walked together. We made plans to get in touch when Mike & I return there at the end of our trip.


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5 Responses to Trek to the Pilgrims Cross

  1. Isabella says:

    So great meeting you and looking forward to seeing you in Madrid!

    Keep going, you aren’t far now! Hope your leg is ok and you are resting as much as you need to. Remember… It isnt a race.

    Missing being there so much, enjoy every moment.

    Buen camino!

  2. Bobbie Surber - My Camino de Santiago says:

    A beer at lunch! Lol! Love that u are walking your own Camino, this is as it should be. Embrace the many blessings yet to come.
    Buen Camino,

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