Days 3 and 4

It was a long challenging day yesterday! The morning consisted of a 10 mile hike with a stop for breakfast at an albergues a few hours in. Then onward across the bridge through Obrigo. The afternoon heat made the next miles very long indeed, with Mark and Angelica going on ahead. Continuing through farmland and leaving the meseta we completed a total of 20 miles. Entering into Astorga a very large city that was once a capital city of Spain.
Mark & Angelica arrive a couple of hours before us and settled in a hotel. They set a quick pace. Susie and I found good accommodations in a convent near the cathedral. We met up for dinner, shared the details of our trek and discussed our plan of attack for today which will be a shorter day, just 13 miles! 🙂

The sweet nuns had no Wi-fi so I am combining my posts today.
This morning we set out early and like the idea of walking a few miles and then having breakfast. I was rewarded with a lovely cafe where the owner, a Catalonian woman, was transitioning her Bar & Grill to a whole foods, natural and vegetarian menu! She even made me a green drink! What a treat! She was a really fun and interesting person and her place was an absolute favorite for me.
We then walked about 10 miles to Hospital de Obrigo crossing the bridge which had a great history which was told to us by two pilgrims on the way. We continue on our way in the heat of the day but with the sun at our backs, a slight breeze keeping the heat exhaustion at bay. My companions got ahead of me as today I struggled with some pain in my right leg. We celebrated the end of the trail at Rabanal del Camino with a nice dinner and vino tino. Total hike today was 16 miles. Tomorrow I am shipping my 20 lbs. backpack ahead and walking my first day without it to give my leg a breaksome relief! It will be a shorter day but steep climb. We are having the time of our lives!!


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5 Responses to Days 3 and 4

  1. Bobbie Surber - My Camino de Santiago says:

    It is so exciting to know exactly where you are and what is next! Oh so wish I was with u 😉

    Buen Camino my friend,

  2. kathy levin says:

    I am totally impressed by the mileage you are covering in a single day!!! Lovely photos and commentary. Tell that leg that you’ve got many more wonderful experiences ahead and to shape up! We’re headed to the No. Rim for 4 days where Mark and Sabina will join us camping.

    • nildarcook says:

      Have a wonderful trip. I am praying the leg to respond well to less weight. Can’t let it hold me back. I am feeling great otherwise. Blisters very manageable. Love you!

  3. Rose says:

    Sounds like a great trek! The pictures are beautiful and it is nice that along the way are cafe’s and hotels. Keep the posts coming and love the pictures! YOU GO GIRL.

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