A Lesson & A Blessing for the Journey

The four hour bus ride to Leon brought us to a city full of pleasant surprises. First off it was larger than we had all envisioned and secondly it provided us with two cathedrals, a monastery, a modern art museum, and some really delicious restaurants to experience. Once again all the local people were more than accommodating, generous with directions and very engaging. We had our picture taken by the desk clerk at the hotel and were on our way! Don’t we look ready?

The first thing we did was get our Camino Certificate which provided us and a small group of about 25 pilgrims with a Q&A session on what to expert on the journey. While we felt pretty well-versed in this it always a surprise when we learn another nugget of practical advice. The blessing came in the form of the mass held at Basilica San Isidoro. Complete with blessing, prayer and song especially for peregrinos. It was beautiful and moving!
I know you want pictures so here are a few from Leon. Be sure and check my cousin Susie Blog link at the top for more!


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3 Responses to A Lesson & A Blessing for the Journey

  1. Linda says:

    Hey Buddy, I loved the photo of the three of you – you look like a child on Chrismas morning. May that feeling stay with you throughout. I am thinking of you constantly and sending blessings and of course, my love. Vaya con Dios, mi amiga buena! Your blog will now come via email to me daily – happy travels.

  2. Way to go! The journey begins, although, of course, you are quite in the middle of a journey already begun. So make that, This phase of the journey begins. Godspeed and glory!

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