I’m leav’n on a jet plane…

All I can think of in the back of my brain is that song by Peter, Paul & Mary.Most some  who remembers that song?
“My bags are packed and I’m ready to go…I’m leav’n on a jet plane…”

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10 Responses to I’m leav’n on a jet plane…

  1. Bobbie Surber - My Camino de Santiago says:

    Oh my dear what fun you will have! I can hardly wait to hear the stories of your Camino! All my love my dear friend!

  2. Thanks for the text on your way out of town. Just lit a candle for your journey. Blessings and grace every step of the way.

  3. Sharon Angelo says:

    There is no better song to begin such a journey……..I will be following you. Sharon

  4. Mary says:

    God’s Blessings be with you dear friend. I’ll look forward to reading your blog along the way.

  5. Juana Montanez says:

    God speed. Have a wonderful time. I’ll be leaving on a jet plane in 8 days. God guide your steps there and home

  6. susieant says:

    Me too. See you soon.

  7. Maria Picetti says:

    Hope it is all you want it to be. And if it isn’t there will be other things to be learned. Have a marvelous journey.

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