Pre-Camino Hikes

So last night I sorted. Rearranging items in my backpack, rejecting some things and adding others. I am pretty satisfied with the contents now and the weight is just under 20 lbs., which I think will be manageable. Brenda will have the final say on what is essential as she is coming by today to go over things one last time with me. This has been a communal effort ­čśÇ for sure.

I am hiking these last three days with the pack on my back and fully-loaded to make sure it is all doable. Everything feels good but the blisters are imminent. It is a very different thing hiking with a full pack ! It will slow down my pace a bit, but slow & steady will have to do.

Bobby and I met up this morning for the first time since she returned home from her ‘Norte’ Camino. On our 6 mile hike we discussed her recent adventures, her new tattoo, my trip to Cali and what lies ahead for us. She gave me her last-minute advice and I so appreciate her support. This will be our last hike together until I return in October. She is such an inspiration and she looks fantastic ! Thank You Bobbie!!

We hiked in a cool, drizzling rain:


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One Response to Pre-Camino Hikes

  1. Bobbie Surber - My Camino de Santiago says:

    So excited for you! Watch out Camino Frances, Nilda is on her way!

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