Final Days in San Clemente

Charlie was ecstatic as Jim showed up at the door upon the return of their trip to Norway. She could not stop nuzzling and looking at him and Tove. She was one happy dog! After 25 hours of total travel time with 15 of those hours actually in a plane, they arrived home safe and sound! We visited for a brief time and they retired to their own bed once again. This morning we are making ourselves scarce so they can catch up on their sleep. Here are a couple of photos of the home in Norway:

Helma's Home

Helma’s Home

View from their home

View from their home


The family plan today is for David we get a teeth cleaning this morning, we will go out for a last meal together before we head home tomorrow, and this afternoon we are going to an Angels/Indians baseball game courtesy of one of Michael’s buddies. We will return to the Sieger’s home for our last night there.

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2 Responses to Final Days in San Clemente

  1. kathy levin says:

    Looking forward to seeing you! Drive safely on your way home. Next year, I think that you and Mike should house-sit in their Norway home!

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