When and where does the journey begin?

Just two weeks left in my visit to Southern Cal! I have had an amazing time here. The weather has been a real reprieve from the heat and humidity of Sedona. Discovering the trails along the coastline of the beaches and the diversity of the terrain has strengthened my stamina and been a real pleasure to explore. The restaurants have slowed down my weight loss but I have nourished myself well and enjoyed every meal! I  think I am the healthiest I have ever been and I know I am the most content and accepting of myself.

This coming week will be a time of gathering my boys together and enjoying some special family time! David will be having a birthday while here and there is so much to celebrate as a family. These days are providing some precious memories for me as a mom, wife, sister, daughter, cousin and friend. I have a whole new level of appreciation for all of the people in my life that bless me in those roles. The gratitude never ends!

All of this has been born out of the mere intent to prepare for the Camino in Spain. This is another affirmation of the long reaching benefits of setting out on this journey. While I came out to San Clemente to house/dog sit and do more physical training, it has resulted in much more. I have had time alone, enough time to continue forward on the inner aspects of this journey. (Thanks to the Seigers for asking!)

This is a photo of the sunset one night looking out from the Sieger’s front door:Sunset

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3 Responses to When and where does the journey begin?

  1. nildarcook says:

    Kathy you are so sweet to offer this up. I return on Friday the 23rd and leave for Spain on the 28th. Only 5 days at home with lots of appts. for hairdresser, teeth cleaning, doctor’s check-up and final hikes with you, Bobbie, Linda etc. plus spending some quality time with my husband! So, I will call you and we can talk…

    • kathy levin says:

      If it works for you and all that you have to do to be ready for your Camino, then let’s make it happen! Maybe just tag a brunch after our hike? Let’s talk…

  2. kathy levin says:

    When do you return to Sedona? Can we squeeze in a lunch at my house with the WP, Bobbie, and anyone else you’d like to include? I’ll be out of town 8/23-25. Love you!

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