Lesson in losing my way…

After two days of walking 15 miles and gaining lots of confidence in our abilities, Susie and I decided on a last walk along the Aliso & Woods Canyon Wilderness Trail.We drove separate cars so she could go on home afterwards.  But somewhere along the way I lost my way and the GPS steered me on a different route from her. So after numerous turn-arounds we met up and started our hike, which also ended up taking us on a dead-end trail!

All’s well, that ends well, and we did a 6 mile trek that was pretty, if not what we intended. We chalked it up to a lesson in accepting the day as it evolves and making the best of what is! A lesson that will serve us well on the Camino. This we have determined will be our philosophy for the duration.

We had the most splendid weekend!  A marvelous sushi dinner at Gen Kai in Dana Point, one of my favorite restaurants. And I am as confident as ever that God has sent me an angel to walk with on the Camino, in my cousin. I hope to be as much a support and comfort to her as she is to me!

Here are a few more photos for our weekend:IMG_0016 Image 2 IMG_0028

The Chefs at Gen Kai

The Chefs at Gen Kai

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One Response to Lesson in losing my way…

  1. susieant says:

    What a fabulous weekend. Nilda is always the ultimate hostess. We had the most amazing hikes. We are and will be great hiking partners, I am sure of it. God bless you.

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