Fearsome Pilgrims

The past week I have spent traveling the same trails and just keeping up my routine. Feeling stronger every day! However, I did have an unfortunate incident where Charlie was sprayed by a skunk and traumatized beyond words. I was close to tears but we both survived and are peacefully co-existing again. Life is good!

This Friday my cousin Susie came out again, with sister Patty, to do some extended hikes this weekend in Orange County. Her sister-in-law Gina was a brave soul and joined us  too!

This weekend will be our last time hiking together before we leave for Spain in 19 days! So yesterday we hiked 15 miles and today we are doing another 15 miles. We slept like babies last night and were ‘dog tired’ but for the most part we awoke feeling fully recovered and ready to go again. Surprisingly Unfortunately, Susie got her first blisters and my feet were definitely hurting! We are realizing two weeks of this will surely take its toll on us. We are now planning for lots of breaks and rewards along the way :)We will be fearsome pilgrims!

The weather has been perfect and here are some great pictures of the beach and trail to prove it:

On the Crystal Cove Beach Trail

On the Crystal Cove Beach Trail


Me, Patty, Gina and Susie, the Fearsome Four!

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