Surfing Spots

My newest hike today consisted of walking along San Onofre Beach and viewing the Trestles surfing spots along the coast near Camp Pendleton. On the left at the beginning of the walk was the freeway, but on the right we trekked past lots of wetlands with tons of wildlife and views of the coastline. As we walked further on we looped around and walked onto the sand watching the surfers enjoying their morning rides on the waves. There are hundreds of surfers and bikers along the coast line and while the morning was rather gray and cloudy it did not seem to deter anyone from their given tasks of enjoying nature in their own way. I walked the trail with a new friend, Sooze, for about 4 miles and we were happy to be among them all! Even though the beach was so populated it was a surprisingly tranquil walk. Unknown

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2 Responses to Surfing Spots

  1. Susie Flores says:

    Love the beach. Hopefully we can do one of those next weekend. What a nice change from the heat of the desert.

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