Alta Laguna Trailhead

I ventured out for the second time to hike the trails at The Top of the World near Laguna Beach. The Aliso & Wood Canyons Wilderness Park is becoming one of my favorite places to trek. While I saw very little wildlife the first time I hiked here, this morning I came across rabbits, birds and a family of deer! What a surprise to discover a meadow filled with so much life.

It took some doing to get a photo for you, as my iPhone keep crapping out on me telling me my storage was full, so I had to delete several pictures and finally got a couple of distant shots. I passed lots of mountain-bikers, runners and hikers along these trails which seem to be very popular but not over crowded. People in O.C. are very active and seem to spend lots of time outdoors. I asked some locals and at their suggestion experienced some new trails. I ended up hiking 7.5 miles in the heat of the morning but it was well worth it!Woods Canyon Trail

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6 Responses to Alta Laguna Trailhead

  1. kathy levin says:

    That trail area looks wonderful! I meant to tell you that I loved your post on Sara Rubin and I’m so delighted that you two were able to see one another again. Also, as to the Charlie post, I’m pretty sure that I heard Murphy and Levi say “and what are we, chopped liver?”

  2. Susie Flores says:

    Are we hiking here Saturday? Looks beautiful.

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