Happy Monday!

Speaking of what makes me happy, Charlie is right up there on the list of happiness. I do not consider myself a dog person, really. You may feel the same. Dogs are cute, frisky and nice to look at, especially if they belong to someone else! However my husband and I have been dog owners. Thor and Otis were beautiful, obedient, faithful Golden Retrievers whom we were privileged to own. We have debated for years whether having another dog is in the picture for us.  We have investigated all of the pros and cons and the answer for us is no (for now). 🙂

But then there is Charlie. We both adore her! Ms. Charlie is pure love! She exists purely to play with you, follow you around the house, sleep at the foot of the bed, snuggle up for a stroke on the back or perform some move for a snack. She loves to play ball and is happiest herself when she has your complete attention. We are happy to have such devotion! She brings a smile to my heart and I am so happy the Sieger family shares her with me!Charlie

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