Staying the Course…

The last few day I have revisited some of the trails I have discovered in Orange County this past week. I have really enjoyed the cool mornings and have gotten up early to beat the heat of the days. I walked the San Clemente beach trail again twice this week. The sounds and sights of the ocean have been renewing and invigorating! I also walked the trail at Crystal Cove State Park and walking along the coast with the seagulls over head and the waves crashing on the rock have really boosted my workouts. Today I walked the Patriots Trail again and leaving earlier in the morning allowed me to have a more shaded walk and I even had a handsome coyote cross my path. I tried to get his picture but he would not willing to cooperate with me, so I can’t share him with you.

So training continues and I will keep exploring new trails. Although my legs get very tired somedays, I am preparing for that day after day challenge of the Camino. One draw back about being in California is that I am eating too much Mexican food and have gained a few LBS. This habit will really have to be curtailed as I wanted to lose more weight before we leave for Spain. This will be my newest challenge this coming month.

Crystal Cove State Park

Crystal Cove State Park

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1 Response to Staying the Course…

  1. Susie Flores says:

    Great pic. Don’t give up the challenge. See you soon.

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