Coastal Views

Jim and Tove left early this morning for Norway. My husband Mike drove them to the airport. They were excited and anxious to get on the way. They gather with most of their family there and spend a month at Grandma’s house. Right about now they are” flying the friendly skys”! I will miss them. They have generously left me the dog, the house, and the beautiful setting at the beach to enjoy! Mike will be with me for several more days until I start having house-guests to keep me company 🙂

Today I went out and did six mile hike up to the Compass Rose and along the powerlines attempting to finish at Patriot’s Trail again but I turned back half way as the heat did me in. I got a late start, never a good idea, and also after my initial 2 miles I was walking along the land-fill area and it was less than desirable scenery. I admit, I am spoiled having been on some really beautiful hikes all over the country and I did not much want to view the dump trucks moving trash around…so I cut the hike short and decided to try another hike again tomorrow.  I will show you the view to my left which was that of the coastline, I couldn’t help but thinking about pioneers coming across our nation to see the ocean for the very first time in their lives (minus the track homes) :). One thing I can say for sure is that the weather is perfect!


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2 Responses to Coastal Views

  1. Susie Flores says:

    What a great view. Looking forward to the hikes.

  2. Iris Lima says:

    I”m jealous it looks so beautiful.

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