Mellowing Out

Today we are just hanging out…A day of leisure… lingering over our cup of coffee as the fog settles on the mountain slopes. It’s very foggy this morning. Maybe we’ll do a little shopping this afternoon…Jim and Tove leave tomorrow morning for Norway so we had a lovely dinner at last night at O’neill’s Bar & Grill in Arroyo Trabuco.

They are weighing and doing the last minute tweaks to their baggage for the flights. They are ready to go!

Here are a few picture of the garden this morning:20130716-075458.jpg








Here we are having dinner at the Golf Course with the Siegers!2013-07-15 07.32.062013-07-15 07.32.41

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2 Responses to Mellowing Out

  1. Rose says:

    I will be following your journey. I have found that hiking is the best exercise and has many other advantages (the views, the people who cross your path, etc…). I am proud of you Nilda. ­čÖé

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