Happy Monday’s Hike

Today’s hike was minus Charlie ­čśŽ The state park does not allow dogs and it’s too bad because she would have loved the location, although the trail was a long one. We did 8 miles and it was mostly in the full sun and with lots of ups and downs. Tove, Jim and I started off at El Moro Canyon at Crystal Cove State Park. The┬áterrain was varied with views of the ocean as a backdrop and great sea breezes. Our midway stop was at Deer Canyon Campground, it had the most spectacular old Sycamore tree! Enjoy a few pictures from this morning!

P.S. The center shot was taken from Alta Laguna Park, another beautiful place to trek for nice ocean views along it’s ridge trail. This was the backside view towards Saddleback Mt.


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1 Response to Happy Monday’s Hike

  1. susieant says:

    We have hiked there a couple of times. It is beautiful but your right not much shade. It is usually overcast so it’s not a bad in the morning.

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