San Clemente Hike

This morning Tove and Jim and I headed out for a hike near their home. We brought Charlie along and she was very excited. Jim had warned me though that she ‘poops-out’ easily as she needs to work up her endurance. True to his word, Charlie did the initial 3 miles well but on the return trail she was hurting for and pulling Jim towards any bush that would provide even the slightest shade! We walked the Las Mares Trailhead and headed north ending at the flag pole on Patriot Hill. The sun came out and the views were beautiful. Our hike was about 6 miles total. By the time we returned to the trailhead Charlie was ready for a nap and the cool green grass. Here are a few shots of the morning:


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2 Responses to San Clemente Hike

  1. nildarcook says:

    Lots of hikes but most are in full sun, no trees and lots of dirt-bikers and runners. They do have ocean views though! I think they will be good for practice with wearing our packs and the temps are similar to what we will experience in Spain. Good opportunity to do some back to back hikes too! But I sure do miss the red rocks of Sedona ­čÖé Overcast, cloudy mornings and getting hotter around 9 a.m. But still only around 75 degrees. Sound good?

  2. Susie Flores says:

    Looks like fun. What are the temperatures there?

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