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Back in beautiful Sedona! The temperatures are high but it is beginning of the monsoon season and we are getting occasional thunder showers and it is keeping things cooler if somewhat humid. But we are always grateful for the rain and moisture. This is really typical of July weather.

Linda my (BFF) and I have been hiking on weekends. Murphy the dog is our companion and scout. This was my first time hiking up to Devil’s Bridge. It is so beautiful and a real landmark. A little challenging to get to but well worth it. (Here is a link to a fun video from You Tube about it). We just never become immune to the red rocks and the views.  A must-see if you enjoy a hike in nature.

We did about 5 miles the first day and then a longer 7.5 mile hike on Sunday. Here are some pix of Linda and Murphy.( I was not brave enough to walk across the bridge portion myself 😉 Pretty scary if you have any issue with heights!Image

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One Response to Back Home

  1. Susie Flores says:

    Awesome pics. It makes my stomach jump just looking at Linda on the bridge. Keep on walking. Miss you already. See you next month.

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