New Pilgrims

I was out in Apple Valley, CA this week for my aunt’s funeral. Susie got Angelica and me together so we could meet for the first time and all discuss the trip to Spain. We also wanted to work out the kinks on the flight plans, etc. We are good-to-go! We will actually begin our trek on Saturday from Leon with her husband Mark joining us there. Every one of us is ready to begin, so we hope the next month flys by. ( More on Angelica & Mark on my Preparations Page coming soon!)
The 4th of July found us all meeting and driving up to Wrightwood to hike up Grassy Hollow trail. It is really a lovely 7.5 mile hike with great vistas and we enjoyed ourselves before the heat got too intense. We were also joined by another co-worker of Susie’s and our second-cousin Ana.
Breakfast at Grizzly Cafe in Wrightwood afterwards was amazing!


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One Response to New Pilgrims

  1. Maria Picetti says:

    I envy you! Should be an amazing trip.

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