The Plan…somewhat…so far…perhaps…

Well, we don’t really have a plan so to speak 🙂 Even though we have come to the conclusion that we don’t want a plan. We have imagined what the Camino will be like and hope to be as flexible as possible when it comes to the day to day living of it. We know anything can happen and events can totally surprise and confound us, however we think we are open to it all. We know that we are beginning the trek in the City of Leon and we expect to cover 200 miles in about 15 days. We need to cover 15 miles a day minimum. Some days more and some days less. We may allow for a bus or taxi ride here and there if necessary.  (Only if rain, illness  or exhaustion become a real problem).

If you are interested and have not yet seen the film, The Way, with Martin Sheen, you may want to see it and get an idea of what the Camino might be like. There are also many websites that share the experience either in pictures or through journals. Travel writer, Rick Steves, has a nice short video on the Camino here.  Who knows? maybe this will whet your appetite and you’ll want to do a camino of your own. I will share much more later.

Here is a picture of my two girlfriends as they completed their trek into Santiago de Compostela, standing in front of the cathedral. Don’t they look proud!

Bobbie Surber and Linda Martinez

Bobbie Surber and Linda Martinez

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