Minor Adjustments

I hiked 6 miles yesterday but without my pack. As I mentioned before I am having back pain since I have started carrying the backpack with more weight. I am seeing a physical therapist and we have a plan for the next three weeks to work on my “Core” and strengthen my stomach muscles. He feels this will go a long way towards resolving the lower back problems. While this is not an issue that would prevent me from doing the walk it will affect the amount of discomfort I might experience and so I want to address this before it gets in the way of my enjoying the Camino. I also will work out at the gym every other day until I leave for California at the end of the three weeks. I will be there until mid-August then return home for a week, see the therapist again and then leave for Spain.

I am going to be house/dog sitting for some friends and will be there for a month. This will allow me time to enjoy the coastal weather which I miss so much. They also have a beautiful garden of which I can harvest vegetables and do some canning. I am really looking forward to this time near the beach and to visit with family and old friends. It will also give me an opportunity to hike in cooler weather again ­čśë┬áAlso, Susie and I will get together while I am there for some hikes.

Here is a picture of Charlie. She will be my companion beginning July 15th. She is a love!



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2 Responses to Minor Adjustments

  1. Susie Flores says:

    Can’t wait for your visit.

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