The Packing List Revisited..

PolesI had a fabulous birthday today. From the moment I awoke my husband treated me like a princess. He took me to lunch, then took me shopping for some summer dresses and lastly we went on a beautiful drive in Flagstaff where we stopped over at Mormon Lake Lodge for a drink at the Saloon there. It was a real country experience! I felt loved and pampered.

I have been walking with my pack now for over a week. The pack I borrowed from my friend Brenda Cosse. It is not big enough, that I know, but I do not want one larger. I need to keep my load as light as possible. It fits great with just the right amount of padding at the shoulders and hips, and it has lots of nice interior pockets. I think it will be manageable on the flight there and afterward when I will have to carry it with me around Portugal and Morocco. But it is hurting my back.  So I will have to reduce my belonging to the bare minimum which I keep hearing is how one should approach the Camino anyway. But it is easier say than done. If you look at my page entitled The Packing List you will see that my must haves number somewhere around 50 items! Not sounding too minimalist to me (?) By the first of next month I plan on carrying it fully loaded along my practice trails then we will see what I can live without 😉

Now for my new Leki walking poles. The Wolfpack (my girlfriends) gifted me with these beautiful poles to take on my camino! I cannot tell you how much I love them. They are truly a must have on the trails. They help with both the uphill and downhill and they keep me balanced. They will be with me always and everywhere I step… Thank You Amigas!!

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