Early B-Day Celebration

Yesterday afternoon we gathered at my friend Robin Cameron’s home near the creek for an early celebration of my birthday, which is actually on the 23rd. of June. I said I wanted to just have a picnic-type celebration where we could relax and just be silly and enjoy the summer day…My friends delivered big time!

Imagine a piñata filled with chocolate, a cheese-head game, a notepad-scribble game, making bubbles, playing jacks, working the hula hoops and receiving wonderful heartfelt cards of well wishes.  A buffet of healthy salads started it all off, what a feast! Topped it with some homemade strawberry shortcake for my B-Day cake. That made my day! They also gifted me with a new set of walking poles for my trip on the Camino, autographed by each of the gals. (more about those later in another post)


Here are some pictures but the names have been changed deleted to protect the innocent!B DAY PIXBirthday Picnic

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6 Responses to Early B-Day Celebration

  1. susieant says:

    What a great birthday celebration. Full of color and laughs and great looking food. Enjoy your birthday.

  2. nildarcook says:

    Thank you Mary! It was a great day filled with laughter. The cheese-head game was the demented idea of my friend Linda, for fun of course! They put shower caps on us, then covered them with shaving cream, then threw cheese curls at us. The one with the most cheese curls won the game! We were good sports and laughed our heads off:)

    • Mary says:

      Oh, how hilarious! As I pulled the picture in closer I began to see the cheese and that they were meant to be curls. Beautiful! You must have all had more than your share of belly laughs–that’s what keeps us young–laughter. I love it. What a lovely group of friends to share your BDay.

  3. Mary says:

    What a celebration–and what a wonderful gift–friends are the best when it comes to BDays. Happy Day, Nilda, you deserve such fun, but what was with the cheese heads?? I know you’re not from Wisconsin! So many BDays–yesterday was my daughter Sarah’s, tomorrow is a daughter-in-law and the 23rd is a grandson the same as your special day. Hugs for your BDay, Mary

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