Happy Monday #3

When I was a working gal Mondays were always hard. That first day back at work after a nice relaxing weekend was always a challenge. We are back to a routine set by our work environment and perhaps someone elses agendas. But since I am no longer painfully gainfully employed and my time is my own, I have concluded that Mondays are a ‘Happy Day’!  My picture for today definitely makes me happy!

This is a picture of my niece Elizabeth’s daughter Sydnee. When I last went to Spain I purchased the shoes and shawl you see pictured here:Image

Having seen the flamenco dancers there, I was delighted to find an outfit for Sydnee. She also was delighted! She loved the shoes and wanted to wear them constantly. Now they do not fit as she is a growing girl… but I hope to find another pair, on my next visit, to suit her. I hope she will love them just as much. She is so adorable!

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One Response to Happy Monday #3

  1. Wow! Talk about a happy-looking child. We could all adopt that as our Monday morning pose. Thanks!

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