My Prayer


Happy Father’s Day to all the remarkable fathers I know and Love!!

It’s Sunday so I thought it appropriate to share with you my prayer. My daily prayer upon opening my eyes each morning is, “Thank you Lord for another day to love, another day to be loved, and another day to experience You in what is around me, whether people, places or things.” In that prayer is my reason to BE each day.

Beyond that prayer, I believe, I am set each day on a new path of discovery. A path of discovery of self, for meaning and authenticity. Some days I travel it well and some days not so well. Some days I honor that and some days I betray it. But more and more I am aware that the path is ever before me…especially as I move toward the Camino. Today I am grateful to be sharing the journey with all of you! To be supported, encouraged and affirmed by friends and family is yet another gift on this journey of the Camino.

Note:photo by Linda Martinez

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3 Responses to My Prayer

  1. Mary says:

    Thanks for sharing your morning prayer with all of us. I too say a morning prayer–I think it sets a tone of us as we start the day. I am thoroughly enjoying your blog. Thanks, Nilda.

  2. This was great. So glad we could also walk the labyrinth today in honor of our dads and of our Big DAD.

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