New Trail

Yesterday I went over to the Hike House in Sedona to ask about a new trail to try. They have a great web site and as I was reading it I realized that I was repeating the same trails over and over and not experiencing all that Sedona had to offer. Their trail guy, I believe his name is Mike, had given me tips before on working out a longer distance for an extended trek a few months earlier. He did not disappoint! Once again he suggested several new trails to try. So early today Linda and I set out around 6 A.M. on Munds Wagon Trail. It begins at the Huckaby Trail Head parking lot. It was just what we were hoping for, a moderate to easy steady climb with lots of shade. We hiked about 7 miles and stopped just short of the ridge. It was glorious! Here are a few pictures of the views of Sedona. Next time we will pack a lunch and go farther as we were told it ascends up the ridge to Schnebly Hill and goes for about 6k. What a beautiful hike and a nice surprise!




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2 Responses to New Trail

  1. susieant says:

    Always nice to get nice surprises and beautiful new places to hike. Beautiful views and the nice weather is a bonus. Keep on walking.

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