Mike and Ron At RTR

Here is a little aside to what my husband Mike has been up to this past week.  As I shared before he and his best friend Ron were participating in the 2013 Ride the Rockies. Here is an update he just sent me with a few pictures:

We had a great 87 mile ride yesterday from Alamosa to Salida. Fast pace lines, some with Ron and some without. Averaged 21.6 mph for the day. Made a gentle 1400 foot climb up to Poncho Pass at 9400 feet. The 7 mile back side descent was a surprise. Awesome! Set the land speed record for RTR – 55.2. MPH!(not really, just personal best) That finished the great Tri – fecta of 86, 96, and 87 mile days consecutively. Salida was happening yesterday with a 5 day festival going on. Great entertainment.

Now for the rest of the story- 2 fires have destroyed 380 homes and killed 2. RTR has re- routed. We do not want to inhale ashes. We rented a car, drove to CS, picked my car, and will drive to Ouray to ride Red Mtn. Pass tomorrow morning. Will drive home Saturday afternoon.


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3 Responses to Mike and Ron At RTR

  1. nildarcook says:

    I will ask him when he gets home 🙂 and let you know!

  2. susieant says:

    Sounds like he is having a great time. How about the power balance. Any credit?

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